Company Incorporation & Secretarial Services

Accounting Consultancy Pte. Ltd. is a professional firm registered with ACRA to incorporate companies on behalf of business owners and handle all corporate matters stipulated by the Companies Act. Every year, we incorporate hundreds of Singapore companies and offer continual business administration services to our clients.

Company Incorporation

Accounting Consultancy Pte. Ltd. is a reputable and registered agent with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) to handle the different types of incorporation services such as: –

• incorporation of private limited company in Singapore;
• registration of limited liability partnership, registration of sole proprietorship;
• setting up of company for foreigner with nominee director services

Among the above, the Private Limited Company (“Pte Ltd Company”) is the most common form of business entity in Singapore because of its advantages: –

• it has its own legal identity which means that it has the right to own assets, including properties and it can sue and be sued in its own name;
• the directors and shareholders of the Company have limited liabilities from any debts, losses or contingent liabilities of the Company;
• a business operating under a Company is generally viewed by the public to convey more trust and credibility, compared to other forms of business entities;
• the first S$100,000 taxable profits are exempted from tax

Our incorporation service includes the following: –

• Advise on the most appropriate business form (i.e. Pte Ltd Company, Partnerships, etc)
• Apply and reserve your preferred company name
• Submit the application for company incorporation to ACRA
• Prepare Resolution for the First Director Meeting
• Prepare Form 45 for consent to act as director
• Provide 1 copy of Constitution
• Provide 1 copy of Business Profile
• Provide 1 company common seal
• Advise on local, fiscal and legal requirements (e.g. annual submission requirements, duty and obligation of directors/shareholders, etc)

Company Secretary

The Singapore Companies Act requires a Singapore Company to appoint a Company Secretary within 6 months after its incorporation. As your Company Secretary, we will ensure that your Company complies with the requirements of the Companies Act and perform the following duties:

Board Meetings

• Co-ordinate the process of decision making and proper reporting
• Draft meeting agendas with the CEO or Chairman
• Take minutes of the meetings
• Maintain the Minute Books and Statutory Registers
• Certify Board Resolutions
• Ensure Board meetings follow the standard procedures

General Meetings

• Gather all the internal/external agreements for circulation to shareholders
• Co-ordinate and attend meeting
• Take minutes of the meeting
• Ensure meetings follow proper procedures

Constitution of the Company

• Make sure your Company follows the Company constitution
• Draft and incorporate amendments according to proper procedures
• Maintain Mandatory Books and Registers

Accounts and Financial Reports

• Co-ordinate the publication and distribution of the Annual Report, interim statement and accounts of the Company
• Prepare the Director’s Report and Statement of Directors


• Notifies you on all filing deadlines and annual compliance requirements to ensure you comply with the ACRA
• Act as the communication channel between the Company and its non-Executive Directors
• Ensure proper usage and safe custody of the Company Seal, as required by the Company constitution
• Ensure that statutory books and registers are properly maintained
• Update the ACRA as stipulated by the local regulations such as directors’ details, shares issuance, annual returns, etc
• Advise Directors with regards to their duties and responsibilities and their compliance with mandatory obligations according to the Company Law
• Advise on all matters relating to shares and capital such as issuance of shares, restructuring and transfers


Nominee Director

A Singapore Private Limited company must have at least one ‘ordinary’ resident director in Singapore. This is mandatory according to the Singapore Companies Act, and we can provide our services for appointing a Nominee Director in Singapore.

Strike Off Company

If your company is no longer in operation, it is advisable to strike off the company with ACRA to avoid the unnecessary and onerous reporting requirements such as submission of annual returns and tax returns.

We can help you to strike off your company in an effective and efficient manner by offering the following services:-
• Professional advice on Company Strike Off
• Seamless tax clearance process
• Efficient planning and administration of all events stipulated by the Companies Act for Company Strike-off
• Successful application with ACRA for Company Strike-off

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