ACRA Filing Requirements for SME

What is the submission deadline for the Annual Return?

For non-listed company, It must be submitted within 7 months after the financial year-end, and after you have held your Annual General Meeting (AGM)

For Listed Company, the Annual Return must be filed within 5 months after the financial year-end, and only after your AGM is held.

What is an Annual General Meeting (AGM)

AGM is a place where companies present their financial report to their shareholders. During the meeting, members are allowed to ask any questions relating to the financial standings of the company. On the other hand, the company may use this opportunity to address any concerns raised by the members.

A private company does not need to hold a physical AGM if all the members pass the AGM resolutions via written means. The written resolution can be performed through hardcopies or softcopies as agreed by all members.  

Is there a deadline for the AGM to be held?

Yes, for new company, the first AGM within 6 months after the financial year-end. For newly-formed companies, you must hold an AGM within 18 months after incorporation.

For non-listed companies, the financial statement has to be dated not more than 6 months before the AGM.

For listed companies, the date of your financial statement has to be not more than 4 months before the AGM


ABC Pte Ltd is a start-up company, non-listed. Their financial year is 31 December 2020. (which is after 31 August 2018). The deadlines to watch will be as follows:

  • AGM – to be held on or before 30 June 2021
  • Annual Returns – to be lodged with ACRA on or before 31 July 2021, after the AGM is held



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