Tax Services

Tax Services

It is critical to engage professional Tax Accountant to provide the tax services.  IRAS has been very strict on the tax compliance.  Any wrongful tax filing could subject to hefty fines/penalties from IRAS.
There are many requirements in the Income Tax Act which is rather complicated and fast changing. Our team is equipped with the skill and knowledge on tax filing matters. With more than 18 years of experience, we have helped tonnes of clients in their tax returns. We have also helped our clients to address a wide range of queries that were raised by IRAS over the years.
With our experiences, our professional Tax Accountant can assist you to comply with the regulations and at the same time advice on the most favourable tax strategies that allow your organisation to pay least income tax.

Our Services

1. Corporate Tax Return
   - Filing of ECI (Estimated Chargeable Income)
   - Submission of Form C/Form C-S
   - Preparing tax computation & schedules
   - Answer to IRAS's queries
   - Raise objection to IRAS

2. Personal and Partnership tax return
   - Submission of Form B, Form B1 and Form P
   - Preparing tax computation & schedules
   - Preparing tax computation & schedules
   - Answer to IRAS's queries
   - Raise objection to IRAS

3. Tax Investigation (Income tax audit, GST audit)
   - Provide consultancy services related to the subject matters
   - Represent the client in discussions and meetings with IRAS
   - Liaise and negotiate with IRAS

4. GST registration/ de-registration
   - Provide consultancy services related to GST registration/deregistration, which can be quick tricky if done incorrectly.
   - Prepare Application/Deregistration Forms and gather the relevant documents for that purpose
   - Address queries form IRAS with regards to the GST registration/De-registration, which happen quite often

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