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Accounting Services Singapore/ Bookkeeping Services Singapore 

At Accounting Consultancy Pte. Ltd., Part Time Accountant, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Outsourced Accounting Services Singapore is taken to the next level with the key objectives of:-

1. Putting in place a simple yet effective policies, processes and procedures for accurate accounting

2. Lowering your company cost of accounting service

3. Delivering business insights and advice

4. Fulfilling the legal and regulatory requirements such as IRAS and ACRA

5. Providing latest developments of the Accounting Standards and Tax Regulations to facilitate you in your business planning.


 Accounting Services Singapore
As a client-focused firm, we adopt a professional and personalized approach to fulfill your company’s requirements with our extensive range of accounting packages:-

Accounting Services

(1) Best suited for SMEs (i.e. MCSTs, sole-proprietors, partnerships, etc).  You enjoy instant costs saving by outsourcing Accounting/Operational work to us, enabling you to focus on expanding your business.


(2)  Best suited for medium to large size setup (i.e. F&B, Trading, Renovations, Air-con Servicing, Clinics, Land Surveyors, Insurance Agencies, Property Agencies, etc).  You could already have administrative staffs to handle the day-to-day transactional activities but will still need a Professional Accountant to ensure that your Accounts are accurate and comply to the local regulations as mandated by IRAS and ACRA.


(3)  Best suited for investment holding companies, subsidiaries, branches, charities, logistics, aircon servicing, car servicing company. Apart from an accurate and compliant Accounts to the local regulations as mandated by IRAS and ACRA, you enjoy business performance insights to help you navigate your business better.


(4)  Best suited for companies requiring help on getting their accounts up-to-date and establish robust accounting process to comply to the local regulations as mandated by IRAS and ACRA.


Above services can be provided on-site or off-site on a regular period at your convenience at 

·        Monthly;

·        Quarterly; or

·        Yearly


With us, you can rest assured that our qualified accountants will go the extra mile and do what it takes to get the job done well, allowing you to have the peace of mind and focus on growing your business. With us with you, you will have no more headaches, fear and frustrations with :-

·        Unexpected staff resignation

·        Lack of competent and experienced staff

·        Rising staff costs (salary, bonus, CPF, levy, training)

·        Non-compliance accounts with the Accounting Standards

·        Non-compliance accounts with Income Tax and GST regulations

·        Onerous reporting requirements stipulated by your head office

Instead, you can:-

·        Leverage on our infrastructure (e.g. computerised accounting software) and capability (e.g. competent, experienced staffs)

·        Focus on what you do best as we take care of the accounting matters for you

·        Comply with Singapore legal & fiscal requirements such as IRAS and ACRA

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